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The Importance of Bone Health in the Elderly

The Importance of Bone Health in the Elderly

The bones are one of the most crucial parts of our bodies. They make up the body’s skeletal system, which provides support and protection to the soft organs of the body. As we grow old, bone health naturally deteriorates. Deteriorating bone health can have detrimental effects on the elderly, even those living in home care institutions.

But there are ways to keep the bones healthy in the elderly. Some of these methods may be complex and challenging, like daily exercises and regular medication intake. But trust us, as a provider of in-home services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, we know that taking care of the bones will help us live a more fulfilling life. Here are some ways bone health contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of seniors:

  • Strong bones allow people to perform activities of daily living properly. Taking a shower, dressing up, and other tasks will be more doable when the bones are healthy.
  • With healthy bones, people can perform exercises regularly, preventing osteoporosis and other bone and health problems.
  • Healthy bones help promote proper posture. Proper posture, in turn, helps reduce friction in the joints, thus preventing pain. Breathing can also improve in this case.

At Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA, we take the bone health of our clients seriously. We are a leading provider of care senior services in Pennsylvania with competent and qualified staff members who can provide you with high-quality home care services. Contact us for more information.

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