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Top 3 Reasons Why Hydration Is Important for the Elderly


Are you extra mindful of the water intake of your aging loved ones at home? When they are drinking enough water, they can be properly hydrated. Hydration is the state of the body when we have enough water. For our aging loved ones, hydration can be challenging to meet because seniors can experience age-related decline of thirst sense. This is a reality we always strive to meet as we provide Home Care Senior Services.

Why do you need to ensure that your loved one is hydrated? Here are the reasons.

  • Water is essential in one’s weight loss goals

    Aging can open doors for physical ailments and other challenges that can affect one’s overall health. Gaining extra weight is one of the common occurrences in the elderly, which is not going to contribute greatly to good health. When a senior person gains excess weight, their risks to diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis increase.

    Calories cause this unhealthy weight gain. When a senior person takes in fewer calories, they can control their weight right. Drinking sufficient amount of water every day, especially a glass 30 minutes before a meal, helps moderate one’s calorie intake, thus, maintaining the healthy weight.

  • Water helps improve one’s heart health

    Our heart can be prone to risks and health complications during the aging season. For this reason, our aging loved ones need to receive quality assistance from providers of Care Senior Services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. When your family member is hydrated always, their blood circulation becomes more efficient, which facilitates the natural detoxification process of the body.

    Consequently, healthy blood circulation results in a healthy heart. You can reduce your chances of acquiring heart-related ailments. When the body lacks enough water, the cells get water from the bloodstreams, which trigger the quickening of blood circulation, and thereby causing the heart to pump faster. When this continues, heart problems occur.

  • Water helps improve your skin’s appearance

    Lacking enough water can result in the organs getting water supply from the bloodstreams, which also result in utilizing water from the skin cells. With this effect, the healthy condition of the skin cells can be affected when a person doesn’t drink enough water. In the long term, not drinking enough water every day can lead to skin dryness, making one’s skin prone to more wrinkles.

    Our skin is the external covering of the body and so this is the first thing that people see. However, we can take better care of our skin when we are drinking water as sufficiently as possible every day.

Our aging loved ones will need our support and assistance in ensuring that they are hydrated on a daily basis. As trusted providers of Home Care in Pennsylvania, we will back you up in ensuring that the care needs of your aging loved ones are addressed even as they age at home.

If you have an elderly family member who requires diligent assistance every day, contact us at Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA.

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