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How Can You Keep Your Aging Loved One Safe This Winter?

How Can You Keep Your Aging Loved One Safe This Winter?

Winter can be a tough time for aging adults. Not only do they have difficulty managing their body temperatures, but they also have trouble walking in slippery walkways. Because of this, many seniors often have injuries during the winter season.

What can we do to help our aging loved ones stay safe this winter?

  • Prepare their home.
    Before the temperature significantly drops, make sure that their heating systems are working and that their pantries are stocked. Also, make sure they have an emergency kit for severe weather.
  • Prepare their wardrobe.
    Check their wardrobe if they have winter-appropriate clothing. Put them in front of the closet or easily seen areas so they can remember them. Also, remind them to use nonskid boots and walking accessories when going out.
  • Consider getting home care.
    In-home services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, such as companion care, can help ensure your aging loved one’s safety. The caregivers can manage their medication, remind them to dress warmly and encourage them to be more careful of their health.

If you’re looking for care senior services in Pennsylvania, contact us at Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA. We’ll ensure that your aging loved ones stay safe and healthy during the winter season.

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