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All about Beds and Mattress for Seniors

All about Beds and Mattress for Seniors

Seniors need quality sleep. While beds and mattresses have long lifespans, maximum comfort is not guaranteed. Changes in their medical conditions and sleeping patterns may require some changes in the bedroom. Change can be scary but you can always count on in-home services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania for the needed support.

An inappropriate bed causes uncomfortable sleep. Check if the bed dimensions fit your loved one. Seniors may be sensitive to squeaking noises made for every movement – waking them up.

If the risk of falling out of bed is in the picture, consider installing bed rails. They do not just prevent falls or rolling over during sleep, bed rails are great support for weakened loved ones to get out of bed. Seniors who value their independence can now get in and off the bed on their own without calling someone.

There is a right mattress for every person. For our senior loved ones, the mattress should be able to support the spine, shoulders, head, and hips. Mattresses that are too firm can cause too much pressure and discomfort. Mattresses that are too soft do not provide enough support. The right mattress is the one in between – firm enough for support but soft enough for comfort.

Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA dedicates our care senior services in Pennsylvania for every individual in need.

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