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What Household Items to Disinfect Regularly

What Household Items to Disinfect Regularly

Our home is intended to be a safe haven for our family. However, even in this place, infections can still find their way in especially when we don’t habitually perform disinfection practices. If your time is much occupied with other domestic roles especially if you’re caring for a family member, you can seek the assistance of providers of Home Care in Pennsylvania. These professionals can assist you in maintaining a clean home so that your family members can be infection-free as much as possible.

To highlight, here are different household items that can easily become carriers of infection.

  • Vacuums
    These are important devices that help cleanse our home especially from allergens that are airborne. However, there are smaller particles that an average vacuum filter cannot contain. As a result, these allergens can go back to the air and cause allergic infection to your loved ones. To ensure that your vacuums have a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter so that even very fine particles can be trapped.
  • Sponges
    These absorbent items are used to clean our sinks. However, what we don’t see with our naked eyes are the bacteria thriving in these sponges. When we keep on using these sponges, we are also re-distributing bacteria to our dishes. To prevent this from happening, always squeeze out water from the sponge after using and then disinfect it with bleach. Providers of Home Care Senior Services can also assist you in maintaining quality housekeeping.
  • Pillows
    These favorite items to hug each night can also be a carrier of difficult-to-see dust mites. Pillows are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria because of many things that can build up there, such as our skin flakes, food crumbs, and even mites. Because of this, ensure that your pillows are always covered with clean pillow cases and changed at least every week. If they get very soiled, it’s time to get new sets of pillows.
  • Home Fragrance
    These air fresheners can also trigger allergic reactions due to their chemicals. While not all family members can be allergic to these items, some family members, especially the elderly, can be affected by these air fresheners. Their breathing may get difficult. To avert this, ensure there is good ventilation at home from opened windows. As much as possible, select air fresheners made from natural items, or those that contain free fragrance.

These are just among the household items that unseen germs and bacteria can easily ride on. When we don’t implement regular disinfection, we are putting our family members at risk of minor illnesses and infection. To the vulnerable people such as children and the elderly, these minor ailments can easily get complicated.

To help you provide support in maintaining your home so that you can provide quality care to your loved ones, a team of providers of Care Senior Services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania can be there for you. Feel free to inquire from them about the services you need.

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