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How Fear of Falling can Lead to Depression

 How Fear of Falling can Lead to Depression

Have you been concerned that your aging loved one has been isolating themselves lately? You have noticed them not participating in the usual activities they were involved in. They no longer go out from home as they used to. They tend to be more home-bound as ever.

These manifestations can be early signs of depression. However, what you may not see immediately is that your aging loved one simply is afraid of falling. As providers of Care Senior Services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, we say that this fear is valid. After all, a senior person falling is at risk to many complications, which include fracture, disability, and worse, life-threatening conditions. So it’s no wonder when your loved one prefers to just stay at home and don’t do activities often.

Because of this, you may not immediately notice that their fear of falling is actually triggering instances of depression. After all, your aging loved one is no longer having the experiences that can give them a quality life. When you observe these manifestations in your loved one’s behavior, talk to them immediately. Ensure that you know the reason why they are no longer participating with activities outdoors. As you learn that they have fear of falling, provide them with assistance and other safety measures in place.

As providers of Home Care in Pennsylvania, we would like to share these helpful reminders on how you can set fall prevention practices at home so that your loved one can change their mind about their fear of falling.

  • Evaluate your loved one’s mobility
    For all you know, their fear is validated by their physical strength. Take your loved one to their doctor for a professional assessment of their strength. Also, take note if they have experienced falling in the past.
  • Evaluate your home and identify which areas need to be renovated to promote your loved one’s safety
    There are certain parts at home, such as the bathrooms, which are very hazardous for seniors. Because of this, you need to install grab bars and other safety measures to help preserve their safety.
  • Provide ramps at the entrances or driveways so that your loved one can easily navigate especially if they are using mobility aids
    Using the stairs may make it difficult for them to move. Ramps can help smooth out their movements.
  • Assist your loved one when they go outside to carry out their errands
    Always ensure that they leave home with someone to help them out. If it’s not your family member, you can request a provider of Home Care Senior Services to be their helper in these errands.
  • Accompany them to activities that can improve their strength, coordination, and balance
    These can be therapies or doctor-prescribed exercises, which increase their confidence in walking and avoids the risks of depression.

At Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA, we will be right here to assist you in providing senior care. If you need our services, set an appointment with us.

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