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Tips: Helping Your Senior Loved One Communicate

Tips: Helping Your Senior Loved One Communicate

Is your senior loved one having difficulties with communication? Communication challenges can happen due to an age-related condition such as dementia. When they cannot communicate in a proper way, they may feel isolated. This can result in tendencies of depression and other mental health issues.

Can you do something to help your loved one to communicate? As a provider of Home Care Senior Services, we say you do. After all, communication is not only about verbal words. Communication happens when there is an understanding of the message between you and your loved one.

For that, we share the following tips:

  • Touch Therapy

    Even if your loved one cannot respond to you, they can still respond to you through their touch. At the same time, you can also relay your message in the same gentle touch. To achieve this, you need to be extra sensitive about their non-verbal cues. Since you will do most of the talking, you have to be conscious about how your touch will make an impact on them. This way, you can ensure that you have delivered a comforting message.

    For instance, you can tell them that you will give them a hug because you love them so much. They may respond with a smile or not. They may hug you back or not. Whichever is the case, be prepared to still give a comforting answer if their response seems to be not what you want.

  • Talk to Them

    At first, this can feel awkward. It can feel like you’re just talking to yourself when they’re not responding to you. Yet, remember that their hearing is still functioning. So, talk to them still. Focus on topics that are uplifting and exciting. Talk about familiar things. Update them about the different happenings in your life.

    Furthermore, when you’re talking to them, it helps if you’re sharing an activity. For instance, you can comb their hair while you’re talking to them about your day at work. If ever you will need help in caring for your loved one, providers of Home Care in Pennsylvania can aid you.

  • Give Them Something to Listen To

    Another way that you can help your senior loved one to communicate is letting them listen to music. Music can also be therapeutic to seniors, especially if they have communication difficulties. Look for the music genre that is your loved one’s favorite. Aside from listening to music, they can also listen to you while you read a book or newspaper to them.

How do you find these tips? As a provider of Care Senior Services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, we hope that these communication tips are helpful for you. If you also need assistance in providing them with quality care at home, contact us at Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA.

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