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Tips: How Seniors Can Improve Medication Adherence

Tips: How Seniors Can Improve Medication Adherence

Adhering to one’s medication is a major need for seniors. Now that they have medications to take each day, their compliance can result in better well-being. So how can your aging loved one improve their medication goals? Here are our recommendations as a provider of Care Senior Services in Yeadon, Pennsylvania.

  • Commit to Adherence
    The very first step of being able to adhere to one’s medication is to have a committed mind and heart. When you have decided in your heart that you will be diligent in taking your medicines, you have already completed half of your medication goals. Commit to taking these at the right time and with the right dosage.
  • Seek Assistance
    The adage no man is an island is very applicable here. As seniors, we may experience instances when we forgot our medicines or got confused if we were done taking it or not. When we have someone to assist us, we can ensure that we have followed through. If you need this kind of help, providers of Home Care Senior Services can step in for you.
  • Store Medicines Properly
    Another key to correct medication adherence is ensuring that medicines are still potent. You can achieve this by making sure that the medications are stored in the right place, that is, in locations away from moisture and heat. These are the two most common factors that can change medicine’s potency.
  • Keep Medicines Together
    To avoid confusion for seniors about their medications, keep them all in the same place. Cut the risk of having their meds mixed with those of the other family members. Provide them their dedicated medicine cabinet. Again, ensure that this cabinet is in a cool and dry location.
  • Make Reminders
    You can also follow through your medication intake schedule when you remember that it’s time to take these. If you or your loved one is forgetful, you can post readable reminders at the doorways. Ensure that these reminders are very conspicuous. Along with that, you can also have digital reminders from alarm clocks or your mobile phones. Of course, providers of Home Care in Pennsylvania can also help you remember your medications.
  • Enroll in Auto-Refill Programs
    Most pharmacies offer an automatic refill system for patients who need to take medicines in the long term. This can improve one’s adherence because you will not have any chance of running out of your medicine supply. Your pharmacy partner will prepare your meds and contact you about it.

Do you have an elderly family member whose care needs include medication adherence? If they need assistance in ensuring that this need is met, our team at Home Care in Pennsylvania can help them. Set an appointment with us so we can also assess the other care needs that require some help.

For your questions and inquiries about our services, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us. Feel free to also share this post with a loved one.

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