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Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit Crawford Care Senior Services website! It had been my dream for many years to own my home care agency, and this dream became a reality.

Owning a home care service was a dream I had since I was in high school. I started pursuing my dreams in 2005, when I graduated from Community College of Philadelphia, where I received my Associate degree of Arts in Business Administration. During that time, I was working as a staffing coordinator where I knew I wanted to pursue my long term goal in my own home health agency.
A few years ago, my father became very ill in Jamaica and because of his illness I had to travel to Jamaica so as to take him back to the United States for him to have intensive treatment and care. While experiencing the need of taking care of my father, being a mother to my children and working full-time, I realized how much I loved and appreciated taking care of someone who needed my care and help. Taking care of my father made me more of a responsible individual and I did my duties without a second thought. This experience defined me as a unique person who was pleased to remain motivated during difficult times. This experience has also molded and it started me in the right path. It lead me to enrolling at the University of Phoenix, where I completed a Bachelor's degree of Science in Health Care Administration in Long-term living. Since my experience in home care, I have met some amazing people, heard very touching stories and met some outstanding health care professionals. After the completion of a Bachelor degree, I further my educational journey by earning a Master’s degree in Health Administration/Gerontology ( the study of aging and older adults).
Caring for Mom — Crawford Care Senior Services in Aldan, PA
I thank God every day for giving me the wisdom, knowledge and strength to pursue my dream. In addition, I must thank my family and friends who have been supportive of me throughout my transitioning as I am opening the door of opportunities for others. I look forward to becoming an inspiration in people's lives and to improve their well-being.
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