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Senior Health Tip: Preventing Constipation is a Must

senior-health-tip-preventing-constipation-is-a-mustThe National Institute on Aging shares that older people are more likely than younger people to become constipated, but most of the time it’s not serious. Decreased mobility, comorbid medical conditions, increased use of medications with a constipation side effect profile, and dietary changes may contribute to the increased prevalence of constipation in older adults.

Constipation is generally described as having fewer than three bowel movements a week. However, it is very alarming if you strain excessively in order to pass stool.

The most common causes of constipation often occur when waste or stool moves too slowly through the digestive tract or cannot be eliminated effectively from the rectum, which may cause the stool to become hard and dry. Excessive straining can lead to swollen veins in your anus (hemorrhoids), anal fissures, fecal impaction, and rectal prolapse.

As a provider of care senior services, we make it a point to observe our senior client’s nutrition and bowel movements. With the help of our caregivers, we can aid your loved ones into a healthier lifestyle that eases their digestive health.

Here are some ways our in-home services in Pennsylvania can help your elderly loved one prevent constipation at home:

  • Adding fiber to their diet
  • Letting them drink enough fluids, mostly water
  • Staying active through regular exercise or constant activities around the house
  • Encouraging the senior to pass stool, especially when they feel like they need to use the toilet
  • Creating a regular schedule for when they should use the toilet, for example, after every meal

Compassionate Hearts Home Care of PA is a provider of home care in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, that aims to help seniors improve their quality of life at home. For more senior care tips, send us a message today!

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